Processing Space-Times. Nieuw Dakota, Oct-Nov 2021 (Image: Joan Ayrton, Infra-Red, 2014)
Love Letters. Almanac Projects online, April-July 2021 (Image: Viktoriia Tofan, Maszyna do mielenia (Grinding machine), 2018-2021)
#almanaccare, Almanac Projects online, 29 June—20 December 2020
Khairani Barokka, Annah: Nomenclature. ICA London, Aug-Sep 2018
Films by Trinh T Minh-ha, Hong Kong Arts Centre, March 2018
Bad Vibes Club: Feeling Bad, ICA London, August 2017
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Cath and lovers, Almanac Projects London, September 2016
Plague of Diagrams, ICA London, August 2015
Samara Scott, Lonely Planet, Almanac Projects Turin, November-December 2014
Jason Gomez, Parallel Pictures, Almanac Projects Turin, November-December 2014
Derek Di Fabio, Yslands, Almanac Projects Turin, July – October 2014
Ian Law & Richard Sides, Painful Zombies Quickly Watch A Jinxed Graveyard, CRIPTA747 Turin, May – June 2014
Nina Wakeford, 484 14th Street. Legion TV London, July-August 2014
Stefania Batoeva, Still No Masterplan, Almanac Projects London, December 2013
Jenny Moore, Cramming. Almanac Projects London, November – December 2013
Fay Nicolson, A P E L, Almanac Projects London, November 2013
Derek Di Fabio, When the sun is out, his house-shaped face bathes in it, Almanac Projects London, October 2013
Marco Bruzzone, Sprudelspass & Wurst Tossing, Almanac Projects London, September 2013
Joshua Sex, Room for an Arrow, Almanac Projects London, June 2013
Alexandra Ferreira & Bettina Wind, No record, just a sound, July 2013
Samara Scott, Poems, April-June 2013
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