Performing Communal Memories, Re-imagining Communal Futures

Decolonial Futures, Sandberg Instituut, 2019-20

“Tolerance is but the ‘civilized’ form of intolerance. Hospitality is something radically different. It includes a principle of levelling (…) by which the foreigner, the stranger, the ‘Other,’ is given a place within the ‘we’ hosting him/her.” – Gustavo Esteva and Madhu Suri Prakash

How can shared stories create new options for living together in the future? How can artists engage with sustainability and hospitality as forms of decolonial creativity?

As part of the extracurricular exchange programme Decolonial Futures, these six workshops will be exercises in reflection and collaborative discussion, with the aim of collectively producing video works.

Questioning the (Western) associations of experimentation with originality, individuality and independence, we will explore how alternative approaches to storytelling and image making can be used to interrupt dominant histories and representation, to rethink who or what is given a voice and how we listen. We will discuss the possibilities and pitfalls of contemporary social practice, from documentary and forensic aesthetics to institutional critique, and from speculative fiction to media activism. Most importantly, we will reflect on our own entangled positions in relation to eco-political urgencies, and how we can respond in ways that multiply, rather than erase, modes of being in the world.

The workshops are open to filmmakers and artists who are interested in exploring experimental dialogues across cultural and geographical contexts.

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