Symposium as radio broadcast, ‘how to think: Radio Silence’. Organised with Rajni Shah and Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca, 27 November 2021. ICA London

Symposium: Moving Images, Institutional Bodies, 5 November 2021. ICA London

Transnational queer-feminist methodologies in live art. ‘Visual diasporic archives’ with Gayatri Gopinath, 3-4 February 2021. Online

Unpacking the language around care. With Ibrahim Cissé , Zana Masombaka, and Phumzile Nwolo Twala. #almanaccare. Almanac Projects. 7 October 2020. Online

Transnational queer-feminist methodologies in live art: ‘Undercurrents in performance-activism’ with Macarena Gómez-Barris, 30 September – 1 October, 2020. Online

Frames of Representation 2019, ‘Deframing’, 12-20 April. ICA London

Symposium: Pluralising Representations, 20 April 2019. ICA London

Symposium: Feminist Visual Activism, 10 July 2018. ICA London

Panel discussion: Plotting Decolonial Options: Translocal Interrogations, 5 June 2018. ICA London

Symposium: Imaginaries Of The Desert, 28 April 2018. ICA London

Panel discussion: Decolonising the Mind, Provincialising the West, 30 November 2017. ICA London

Symposium: Frans Masereel, 29 June 2017. ICA London

Symposium: Wild Minds, 31 March 2017. ICA London

Symposium: Performance and Uncertainty, 7 March 2017. ICA London

Symposium: Art is Not a Commodity, 18 February 2017. ICA London

Symposium: radical reThink, 14 January 2017. ICA London

Symposium: Frank O’Hara and Friends, 24 July 2016. ICA London

Mediating Cityscapes Symposium, 29 May 2016. ICA London

Symposium: Feminisms and Curatorial Collaborations, 16 April 2016. ICA London

Symposium: Women’s Filmmaking in Contemporary Britain, 12 December 2015. ICA London

Symposium: Liquidity, 9 December 2015. ICA London

Stories That Matter: Feminist Methodologies in the Archive, 22 November 2015. ICA London

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