Khairani Barokka, Annah: Nomenclature

In Formation III, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 17 Aug 2018 – 16 Sep 2018

Khairani Barokka, Annah: Nomenclature

Relating to considerations of collective care and intersections of psychic and social life, Indonesian artist, writer and poet Khairani Barokka developed a new installation for the ICA. The varied, remarkable histories of Annah, the subject of Paul Gauguin’s Annah the Javanese (c. 1893–4) are full of inconsistencies and assumptions about race, sexuality, disability, age, consent and ownership of this young woman’s life and stories. Barokka asks a number of questions with this work: who was Annah; what did she want; and how is her life intertwined with white supremacy and global patriarchal systems as part of the art market and the lives of millions of women today?


‘Seniman Indonesia tampilkan Annah, “anak Jawa korban pelukis Gauguin”, di London’, BBC Indonesia, 20 Sept 2018.

Piers Masterson, ‘Recap of Khairani Barokka’s Annah: Nomenclature’, ArtAsiaPacific, 6 Sept 2018.

Zarina Muhammad, ‘Annah: Nomenclature’, The White Pube, 26 Aug 2018.


Performance and Public Discussion with Aditi Jaganathan

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